Hosted Phones

Every business relies on voice calling technology to communicate and collaborate. If your phones go down, it will prove quite detrimental for the business and will hamper the productivity, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. A great phone system is essential for a successful business.

A hosted phone system is usually an internet based phone system that is not based at your company’s premises. A hosted phone system is one where the the servers and applications are based at a data center rather than at your place of business.

Switching to hosted telephones can deliver significant cost savings compared to premises-based PBX phone systems. 
However, not all hosted phone systems are the same. Bizpoke provides the lowest cost hosted phones making it often the best fit for any kind of business. Cost-effectiveness and quality is the driving force of Bizpoke.

New businesses can find it very difficult to handle the installation costs of a traditional PBX telephone system, as well as keeping on-track with the constant maintenance costs. Hosted phone systems are ideal for new business as they cut down the expenses, making the business flourish to a great extent. In hosted phone systems you just need to pay monthly charges, thereby evading maintenance charges.

Hosted telephone systems give any business a fully-functional communications channel. With hosted phones, you don't need to wait for the system to be installed, you can kick-start your business from day one.

Hosted phone service is based on simple, transparent pricing models which are billed on a monthly basis. The initial costs of switching are minimal since the provider owns and maintains the majority of the hardware and infrastructure needed to support cloud communications.This flexible, pay-as-you-go approach to pricing can offer significant benefits for many organizations compared to the methods of traditional phone service providers.

Hosted telephony systems should offer simple management portals which are easy-to-use without assistance from IT staff or vendors. The best hosted PBX providers provide a simple web-based portal for your team to add lines, manage features, and control configurations.

Organizations typically save 50 to 70% by switching to hosted telephony. Organizations who use hosted contact center features or who perform a lot of long distance or international calling are likely to achieve the most significant savings per call. Hosted voice can lower the average cost per call at organizations of all sizes by offering:

Transparent, low monthly rates per phone line
Unlimited local and long distance calls
Cost-effective international call options
The ability to consolidate multiple business sites into a single system

Built-in mobility is among the key advantages of hosted VoIP. Mobile applications are a standard feature of the leading hosted voice solutions. Secure mobile apps allow employees to communicate through their business phone number on a smartphone. Employees can set their phone system to automatically transfer calls to mobile or ring at both the desk and mobile device simultaneously.

With hosted voice, your business can make changes on-demand to your system. Adding a phone line simply requires easy changes within your administration portal, and plugging in a VoIP-compatible handset. Cloud phone systems can easily be scaled to new business locations or remote workers.

If you are looking for a hosted phone that caters to all your business requirements then your search ends here. Bizpoke provides the best hosted phones that reduce your organization’s reliance on employees or service technicians to perform upgrades and maintenance on the phone system.